Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rat Rod Rockers! Screenplay & Blip.FM

Been working fairly diligently at finishing up the Rat Rod Rockers! screenplay and simultaneously uploading tracks to Blip.FM. Blip.FM (if you don't know) is a Twitter type website centered around "Blipping" songs from a massive database, combed from the internet. As a record label, Blip has allowed me to upload songs from my catalog. Since the songs are only "played" and not "downloaded" no money is involved. However many of the "Blips" have links to where listeners can purchase tracks (both on iTunes and Amazon). My blip page is at

As far as the screenplay goes for Rat Rod Rockers!- great ending sequences, first 3/4ths written, all action set in timeline. Should have the first completed draft by next Saturday or Sunday.

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