Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bass Pod XT Live Mac Editing

Was working on some new riffs on my Danelectro Dead On '67 Baritone Guitar for my upcoming film Rat Rod Rockers! and decided to try (after reading about it online) running my Baritone through my Bass Pod XT Live. Baritones are, pitch wise, between a Bass Guitar and regular guitar. My Boss GT-3 stomp box really makes the Dano Baritone sound tinny sometimes and you can not tune the lowest strings with the onboard tuner (Bb below the regular E on a standard tuned guitar). I was worried that the distortions and effects in the Bass Pod wouldn't work well on the Baritone, so I never tried it before. After connecting the Baritone to the Pod XT, I quickly realized that this was the effects box for that guitar. The bottom end was huge! Not only that but the tuner worked!

As I got deeper into the Bass Pod XT, I decided to hook it up to my Mac and try the Line 6 editing software. Un-F'ing Real! After having the Bass Pod for almost a year, why hadn't I done this before!?! Using the computer, all your editing takes a fraction of the time that it normally does by scrolling through the menus on the little view screen on the face of the unit. You can drag and drop sounds into new locations, copy sound templates and modify patches real time. You can also upload your sound patch creations to Line 6 for publishing. Within an hour I was able to create close approximations of sound patches that took weeks to create on the Boss GT-3. I am now seriously looking at other Line 6 effects units for my studio.

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