Friday, July 30, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Filming

Old Man Kanker
Old Man Kanker & His Dog
Went out to Gasworks Park yesterday to film the last pick up shot for Rat Rod Rockers! This is the opening sequence showing Anywhere, Washington's famed moonshiner and entrepreneur, Old Man Kanker. We also took my daughters dog Gypsy to play his doggie. It was a quick shoot, except trying to get Gypsy to bark on cue. Now I know why movie animal trainers get the big bucks!

I also finished the last part of Scene 12 but still have several cuts left to complete the first part of it. Man- that scene took way longer than anticipated. Mostly because of boom pole removal (see my previous post). I gotta step it up- only three months left to edit this film before the Premiere!

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