Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Rat Rod Rockers! Logo

Finally got around to updating the Rat Rod Rockers! logo to a still from the Drag Race Scene in the film. for the last year, I have been using a still image of Chris Darland's '33 Plymouth that was actually from Hot Rod Girls Save The World. I just hadn't taken the time to update it. Figured with all the new pre-press the film has been getting, I better get of my arse! I also used the new logo to make some merch (coffee mugs, shirts and small posters ) for our RRR! pages on CafePress.com.

Yesterday I completed the Opening Credit sequence for Rat Rod Rockers! Looks tight! Also realized I gotta pull a little bass from the guitar track of the title theme. It booms (not in a good way) in spots.

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