Monday, February 7, 2011

Rat Rod Rockers! DVD Audio & ADR

I am still fine tuning the audio for the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD. The artwork is done and off to the broker/pressing plant and the account set and ready for the DVD submaster. This has to be in by weeks end to meet our March DVD release deadline. In this screen shot I am adding a ADR slap for Hot Rod Heidi's character Ruby Milldue. The original slap got cut as the background audio was too noisy and overlaps in dialog made it pointless to keep the original. So I set FCP 5 to Voice Over mode and re-recorded me slapping my leg and then dropped it back in the timeline. Seamless. I still have one guitar track to lay down and a vocal for the score, then random audio fixes and mixes. Should have it done by Wednesday.

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