Friday, February 4, 2011

Issa Kross Facial Scars

Besides working all day on the Rat Rod Rockers! audio and Soundtrack, I took a few computer breaks to make facial scars for Evil Undead Girlfiend character Issa Kross (portrayed by Smookie Tiger). We are doing an extensive photo shoot for the pre-production character development for the film next week. Using self drying clay- I scrapped grooves into one side of  a small block and let it dry overnight. Then I poured clear latex into the grooves, smearing extra latex on the surface to give a gripping area to pull on once the latex has dried. The first attempt turned out very good. After I pulled the scars from the home-made mold, I simply trimmed the excess latex from around the scars and they were ready to color and then glue to the actors face. Having a mold also enables you to make additional latex scars, if one gets damaged during removal.


Chieko said...

That's interesting!Do you make those items by yourself?WOW!

D.A. Sebasstian said...

Yes. It's not to hard just clay and latex. Wait until you see the scars on the actresses face! Next week we have the photo shoot.