Friday, February 11, 2011

Rat Rod Rockers! Error Error Error

So I had almost finished the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD audio mix on Thursday afternoon and was trying to get the disc completed to send off to the pressing plant today (Friday). I had just finished a new end credit song called Down Time and started work on the last song for the film that needed some updating- the Car Show Theme. Suddenly my external disc drive stopped responding. I panicked! Did the drive crash!?! I noticed the drive light was off. Tried restarting the computer, checked connections, nothing. My heart sank. Not now! My head was hanging low, when I noticed the power adapter cable had come loose at the chord side. Pushed it in and viola, the drive is up and the movie is saved! Yea! I had backed everything up religiously until mid January, when I started burning the midnight oil to get the DVD ready for the release party in March. So after the drive was up- I finish the Car Show Theme and turn to put a DVD in the burner and my foot hooks the external drives power cable (most likely because I had not tucked it back in after I fixed it) and the drive tumbles onto the floor. Now it is dead. :( Will not mount, busy light stays red (supposed to be blue), drive whirs up and then quits. I change the drive cases with another donor drive, nothing. Shit! So I break out the backup drive. I had (thankfully) save all the mixed master files the night before on it. However, this was before I finish writing the end credit song Down Time. I had a copy of the Car Show Theme saved on my desktop, so that work was still there. Then I start rebuilding the movie files and am able to get everything replaced, except Down Time. OK...some lost time, but not a complete disaster. I am missing one months of final editing, but have the end product. I find a mono version of Down Time that somehow got saved in my iTunes folder, most likely when I played it from the desktop. I use the mono version and combined it with the old rough tracks, re-sing the verse and chorus and once again have a usable version of the song. Not as tight as the previous incarnation, but not too bad either. I put everything back together, and losing a day of time am a  back on track. Word to the wise, never stop backing up your work, even for a week or a month! Everyday.

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