Friday, February 18, 2011

Projects Projects Projects

So now that the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD is being pressed and the first round of promotions and ads are set for the film, I have really started digging into the Munster Style CD & publication as well as laying the ground work for two films, Chopper Chicas and Evil Undead Girlfiend: The Re-Animation Of Issa Kross. Heidi Van Horne (model) and Shannon Brooke (photographer) are set to do a character development photo shoot for Chopper Chicas on the 27th of February (hey that's also my Birthday!). They have set it up in Skratch's (famous L.A. fabricator/builder) garage with (possibly) two choppers. I will post pics when they are done. Meanwhile- Karen Kougar (who plays the The Baroness) is setting up her photo shoot as Zombie Crush is processing last weeks pics of Smookie Tiger and Becky Lee, both sets for Evil Undead Girlfiend. I still need to get all these projects websites updated and redesigned.

Yesterday I sent out three interview for Munster Style as well as started new file folders for several article sets. We are still waiting for many tracks and contracts to come in for the compilation CD.

I have also started a new Go-Kustom TV Vimeo Channel. The cool thing about Vimeo is you can upload very high quality video clips and then watch them on your home television if you have a Roku player. I am hooked on the Roku ($120 for a mid level box). We have had ours for a month and haven't visited Blockbuster or a Red Box machine since. I can really see why Netflix and others are moving away from the physical DVD Distribution model and to the internet based Video On Demand models.

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