Saturday, February 26, 2011


Multi-tasking to the max. Compiling Munster Style content, having a meeting with MS Co-Editor Steve Puvogel and taking delivery of Blacktop Deceiver's song for the Munster Style Compilation CD (they are dropping it off). I am also blocking and uploading episodes of Go-Kustom TV to our new Blip.TV page @ Also sorting through the Zombie Crush pics of BEcky lee and Smookie Tiger for Evil Undead Girlfiend:The Re-Animation Of Issa Kross pre-production film promotion. Tomorrow Heidi Van Horne and Shannon Brooke are shooting promotional pics for another film I am working on Chopper Chicas.

Got word from the pressing plant that the Rat Rod Rockers! DVDs will ship next Monday. The DVD broker also said that the guys in the pressing plant really dug the film! They have to proof the replicated discs for technical reasons at different points and ended up watching the whole movie. A good sign?

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